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Craig, Jason and All,

Jason “unfroze” the nut on my fender bar that holds on the spare tire. And he did it without discoloring or marking up the chrome!!! He is not only a nice guy, but a professional as well. Thank you for having such a great team at Hatton Marine.

I am including a picture of Jason with the rod and bolt he unfroze. I always enjoy taking pictures of the people who help me keep these ancient mechanical marvels on the road for people to enjoy. Like with year company, It is a TEAM effort. People often ask if I restored it myself. The answer is NO, it was a team effort and continues to be from Hatton Marine to Art Brass Plating to ASKO Industrial Plating to Bardahl….and many, many more.

Maybe this fall after your busy season is quieter, we can do a lunch in one of the cars.

Again, thank you.

DSCN5507New boot (9)


During a recent stop in Seattle by one of our vessels en route from Hawaii to our summer cruising market in SE Alaska, we discovered the vessel needed some major ZF gearbox work. Despite some delays in delivery of parts, Hattton Marine’s team of field technicians made the repairs and the vessel was underway on time to continue the Alaska summer season without any delays or interruption to our guests. I look forward to our long-term business relationship with the team at Hatton.Regards- Tim Voss
Un-Cruise Adventures, Director of Shipyards and Refits


Hi Craig,Just a short note to thank you so very much for coming to my aid last Friday and fixing “Serendipity” so that we could spend a super weekend over at Seward Park. I cannot tell you how much it means to me. Thank you for coming all the way over to the east side to rescue me….. Truly above and beyond the call of duty.

Please give my thanks to Roger for all of his help in coordinating and following up on my call for help.

Hatton Marine is absolutely NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!

Thanks again Craig……It is such a pleasure having you folks as “Serendipity’s” doctor!!!

Warmest Regards,


Craig and Gang,Thanks again for all your help!


Dear Craig and Crew,Debbie and I extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the professional manner which you and Hatton Marine handled the installation of the new Yanmar engine in our sailboat.

We know that the removal of the oil engine, fabrication of the new systems and installation of the Yanmar created some unexpected challenges. We were particularly impressed by Craig’s determination and personal involvement to make everything work properly. His ability to remain unruffled, his patience with our questions and his availability at all times. We now know first hand why Hatton Marine has an outstanding reputation in the marine industry. It was earned through excellence in service.


Good morning, Dustin!I have a favor to ask. When you have your Friday meeting with the techs, I would like to ask you to thank all of them that have been involved in the year’s past work for me.

We have certainly covered a lot of ground and I want them to know how much I appreciate their efforts; particularly when circumstances are less than ideal. This thank you goes out to you as well, my friend. You’ve done a great job for me!

Plenty more to come this winter…

Mike Port
Port Engineer
Alaska Marine Lines, Inc.


I have had the pleasure of working with Hatton Marine for many years while working in the fishing industry here in Seattle and Alaska. Years ago we had Hatton servicing mostly our skiff diesel engines. Today Hatton is servicing most of the engines onboard our trawler fleet. They are doing everything from complete in-frames to top ends and general servicing of them.
During the last year, we did a complete repower of one of our vessels replacing an old Alpha with a new GE8V228. We could not be happier the way the project turned out. The vessel now has added horse power and lower fuel consumption. As with any project of this size there were challenges to overcome, Hatton Marine was there every step of the way to make sure things turned out correctly and on time.I would recommend Hatton to anyone that is looking for quality work done correctly. They have and continue to do a great job for us.Mike Madsen
Port Engineer
United States Seafood, LLC


Craig and crew,Thanks for your wise counsel and quick response when I called to describe the failure of my 30 year old ONAN generator. I was on the boat in a remote location when I called asking for advice. Based on the symptoms, your experts correctly diagnosed the problem to be on the printed circuit board voltage regulator. Then you shipped the part to meet me when I returned. When I started to replace the part, I discovered a lose connection on one of the terminals of the existing board. When the connection was tightened; the generator performed as intended. I then asked if you would accept the new part back and refund the price, you agreed and I was delighted.

Your customer service is outstanding. Feel free to shore this with other potential customer’s.

~Roger Gallington


Dear Barb (Parts Manager)If only we could rely on people like your everywhere we need spare parts, our lives would be so much easier. Thank you yet again for your great support!

~Crew on the S/Y Lady Ann


To Craig and the whole gang,I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a pleasure it was to me your technician Todd and to have him do his magic on our boat.

I have met harder working individuals…….but I can’t remember when!! Todd wouldn’t even take a lunch break. He just kept plugging away in that engine room until everything met his expectations.

Craig, you done it again, I don’t know where you get such qualified individuals but I gotta tell you they sure do represent your company well.

I said it before…..NO ONE works on my boat except HATTON MARINE!